7 Natural Oils for Clean and Radiant Skin

7 Natural Oils For Clean And Radiant Skin

Surfing the net for the best carrier oil supplier in India? Whether you require carrier oils for your personal usage or for your business growth, Elite Biotech understands your needs. Shopping online for carrier oils or any herbal product can be difficult for someone who is unaware of what the products imply, the procedure from which they are made and what is suitable for them. To help you understand it better, we will break down carrier oils for you!

Carrier oils, much like essential oils, are made from plants. They serve innumerable functions that makes them a must have in your shelf, especially if that shelf contains a bottle of essential oil. The Carrier oils are highly regarded as they help in using essential oils in a safe manner. They are widely known for the nourishment and moisture they provide to the skin. For diluting the essential oil, carrier oils are the best to use.

As they come from plants, seeds and herbs, carrier oils have a wide variety within them. For the new buyers and the old, it is important to know all the benefits that the carrier oil you’re choosing, contains. It is also advised to find the oil most suitable to your needs. A patch test before you actually apply a carrier oil is also strongly recommended.

Today we are going to recommend to you some carrier oils (or, natural oils) for a clean and radiant skin:

1- Coconut oil – The first oil on the list could have been none other than coconut oil! It’s the most common oil to be found in the Indian land and every other household in our country has made use of the properties that coconut has to offer. It has numerous benefits. It’s a highly nourishing oil, which contains fatty acids and polyphenols that are considered excellent for massage oils and for skin-care.

2- Grapeseed oil – An excellent source of Vitamin E! And we all know that Vitamin E is the soul of a gorgeous skin. In fact, you’ll be surprised to hear this but Grape seed oil is packed with more Vitamin E than Olive oil! Its application truly gives you the skin radiance you desire.

3- Jojoba oil – A popular natural oil emerging from African countries, the jojoba oil is a rich source of Vitamin B complex and Vitamin E. It is useful in dealing with infections and fungi.

4- Olive Oil – The renowned oil for its various usages. The Olive oil is a healthy and edible oil with a rich aroma that helps in aiding your essential oil in amazing ways possible. In fact, olive oil is used in aromatherapy as well due to its delightful fragrance. It’s beneficial for cleansing the skin and the perfect fit for moisturizing the dry skin.

5- Onion seed oil – Though onion seed oil is more popularly used for hair care, its application to the skin is not devoid of benefits. Research shows that application of onion seed oil helps in reducing acne.

6- Primrose oil – This oil is native to North America. Its benefits are multiple! It is the most sought after oil for treating acne and skin eczema. It really helps in keeping breakouts in check. If your skin is sensitive and prone to acnes, primrose natural oil is the right fit for your skin.

7- Neem oil – Popularly used in Indian subcontinent for treating variety of skin conditions, the neem oil helps in treating dry skin, wrinkles, scar marks and even acne. It is also recommended for treating wounds. The neem oil is a power packed one, in fact, the plant it is extracted from (Neem) is very popular in India. It even helps in stimulating collagen production!

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