Top 5 Essential And Carrier Oils To Use For Skin And Hair Fall

Essential oil and carrier oil are the heart and soul of skin and hair care. The cosmetic industry and the herbal beauty industry is riding on the effective benefits of these oils. Derived from plant extracts, these oils offer the best of experience to its users. Their natural essence, insanely packed benefits and their ability to ease a great variety of health problems, makes it the right fit for people of all age groups.

Essentials oils are used in various forms, for healthcare and cosmetic benefits. In the recent times, their usage for aromatherapy has gained momentum. These oils are popular because of the natural plant extract and fragrance that gives them a unique nature. They also preserve various properties of the plant from which they are derived, thus making it all the rage in the field of wellbeing and healthcare.

Carrier oils, much like essential oils, are made from plants. They serve innumerable functions that makes them a must have in your shelf, especially if that shelf contains a bottle of essential oil. Carrier oils are highly regarded as they help in using essential oils in a safe manner. They are widely known for the nourishment and moisture they provide to the skin. For diluting the essential oil, carrier oils are the best to use.

As they come from plants, seeds and herbs, carrier oils have a wide variety within them. For the new buyers and the old, it is important to know all the benefits that the carrier oil you’re choosing, contains. It is also advised to find the oil most suitable to your needs. A patch test before you actually apply a carrier oil is also strongly recommended.

If you’re here then it means you’re searching for a reliable essential oil exporter. Preferably one that already has an astounding global presence. Elite Biotech offers you exactly that! With more than five years of industry based experience and more than 750 clients (both domestic and abroad), we have managed to create a name for ourselves in the herbal raw industry scene in India.

One of the most common problems for which essential oils are often sought are problems of the skin and hair. Among hair problems, hair fall, dandruff, dry scalp and itchiness, are some of the prime concerns. And when we speak of skin concerns, hair problems automatically fall within its purview along with other concerns such as eczema, psoriasis, infections and allergies.
For these concerns, some of the most sought after essential and carrier oils – brought to you by Elite Biotech – are:

a) Coconut oil – One of the most commonly found oils in the Indian subcontinent – the coconut oil is grandma’s favorite! If you’re from India, you must already be aware of the benefits of coconut oil. It’s the perfect oil for massage, hair care and skin nourishment.

b) Apricot Kernel Oil – The properties of this carrier oil make it stand out from the rest. Apricot oil is rich in Vitamin E which makes it perfect for the skin. It is commonly used calming itchy skin, prone to rashes. It is commonly used as a massage oils, bathing oil and hair oil.

c) Argan oil – Native to Morocco, this edible oil has been using since centuries to nourish the skin and body. Once again, argan oil does have an aroma. It is also rich in Vitamin A and E, making it an attractive buy. Argan oil has been commonly used globally to treat dryness of skin and hair, wrinkles and inflammation of the skin.

d) Lemongrass essential oil – If you’re a common prey to pimple breakouts, lemongrass essential oil takes care of that. It even helps prevent skin sagginess. It works like a toner and leaves you with a glowing skin for days.

e) Cinnamon essential oil –Its usage helps in battling pigmentation concerns and leaves you with a healthy-youthful skin.

f) Lavender essential oil – It is strongly recommended to use this particular oil for increasing hair growth. By using lavender oil five times every week, you help your hair follicles regain their strength.

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