Want To Sleep Better? Use Essential Oils And Get A Magical Result

A good night’s sleep matters more to our body than we realize. It is true that if you don’t get sufficient sleep, nothing serious will happen to you immediately. However, the result of continuous lack of proper sleep can be jarring on the individual. Sleep problems are as real as any other medical concern. They can be debilitating for the individual. Some of the common sleep problems are insomnia and sleep apnea. If not treated at the right time, they can create major inconvenience for the person experiencing them.

Essential oils have been reported to help with sleep disorders. The magic lies in the fragrance of these natural oils that derive their ingredients and quality from the plant they are extracted from. According to popularity, some of the commonly used essential oil to help you sleep better are:

1- Lavender oil

This essential oil is popular worldwide for its versatility and the multiple benefits it offers. Various studies have been conducted till date to assess the effectiveness of lavender oil for insomnia. Some of the other benefits of lavender essential oil include lowering the heart rate, temperature and the blood pressure of the individual. The oils calming fragrance is popular in aromatherapy and is known to help in alleviating anxiety.

2- Ylang Ylang Oil

This Ylang Ylang essential oil is extracted from the tropical tress in Asia and works in reducing the blood pressure and heart rate. It prepares your body for healthy sleeping. Its fruity and pleasant fragrance helps in calming down stress and anxiety.

3- Peppermint Oil

For those who are a fan of minty fragrances that refresh and revitalize us to the core! Peppermint essential oil will help you feel relaxed like no other and also protects you from allergens. It is recommend that peppermint oil can be sprayed around the room or on the pillows to help you sleep better. It’s the fragrance of the oil that does the trick. In fact, on the days when you feel a blocked nose getting in your way, make sure to use the peppermint oil as it offers quick relief.

4- Sandalwood oil

Popular since ancient times in the Ayurvedic medicine, this wonderful oil is rich in scent and offers the benefits of restful sleep like no other. It has natural mood balancing properties that help in alleviating stress and anxiety. It helps you in chasing the troublesome thoughts away and in bringing forth a sense of calmness. Using sandalwood essential oil whenever you feel restless is the best gift you can give yourself.

There are more sandalwood essential oils than these that can help you in getting a proper night’s sleep naturally and effectively. Now the question arises is how to find a suitable supplier of essential oils in India to help you sleep soundly?

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