Eucalyptus Oil – A Permanent Solution for Hair Nourishment and Skin Care

With the recent trend shifting from chemical based cosmetics to naturally derived products, the demand for oils like Eucalyptus have tremendously increased. This popular oil is derived from the leaves of the eucalyptus plant. The leaves have to be dried, crushed and distilled to bring to you the oil that you desire. More than 700 variants of the tree can be found, each with their own unique fragrance and benefits that will blow your mind.

Some of the benefits of eucalyptus oil can help you attain the hair nourishment you desire:

1- It acts as a hair stimulant by enhancing blood circulation and opening up the hair follicles. All this works well to strengthen hair growth.

2- Eucalyptus oil is popular for its antifungal property and due to this marvelous property, it works like a charm in treating dandruff and eradicating any fungal infection whatsoever found in the scalp. Say goodbye to your dry and itchy scalp!

3- The ceramide production helps in attaining shiny and lively hair. The Eucalyptus oil helps in increasing the production of this compound so your hair look luscious.

4- If your scalp gets oily very easily, then eucalyptus oil is the perfect fit for you as it helps in keeping the oil levels in check. It regulates the sebum production of the scalp.

Apart from helping with hair nourishment, this oil is also excellent for skin care:

1- This oil is strongly recommended for treating sunburn. Its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties help in preventing the redness of the skin and the irritation caused.

2- The anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of eucalyptus essential oil strike again as it works in relieving acne and preventing the scars and redness caused by it. Not only that but it further cleanses the skin and purifies it down to prevent any further breakouts as well.

3- It increases the ceramide content in the skin which keeps the moisture locked. In this manner Eucalyptus oil works in fighting against dry skin problem.

There are more benefits that eucalyptus oil offers than what can be mentioned in this blog. However, the benefits stated must be enough to prove to you how wonderful eucalyptus oil can be! What makes it more amazing is that Elite Biotech supplies 100% pure eucalyptus oil only so you can avail the benefits of nature without any chemical infringement to fear!

As a manufacturer of essential oils in India, Elite Biotech understands that these oils need the utmost care possible. We believe in sustainably and organically processing and sourcing our products in an elegant packaging fashion so you get the most premium quality of products at wholesale prices.

Over the course of the years, we at Elite Biotech have managed to create a name for ourselves not just within India but also overseas. Established in 2012, we have served more than 750+ clients in India and internationally. Popularly we are regarded as the best eucalyptus essential oil supplier and manufacturer. However, it is to be noted that our reach is not limited to just India. In fact, we supply carrier and essential oils to various other parts of the globe.

If you want to reach out to our team for any queries, the contact details are mentioned right here on our website!

Happy oiling ~

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