Unexpected Result Of Using Carrot Seed Oils

While not as popular and commonly heard of as lavender oil, eucalyptus oil and the like, carrot seed oil has a history of its own. Popular since ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilizations, this oil was used commonly to help soothe inflammation. It should be noted that carrot seed oil is different from carrot oil as its uses are totally different. Unlike carrot oil which can be used for culinary purposes, carrot seed oil can only be used for external applications.

Carrot seed oil is an essential oil that is derived from the seeds of the Daucus Carota botanical which is also referred to as the wild carrot or “queen anne’s lace,” in Europe. Another important point to note in the history of carrot seed oil is its prevalence in the traditional Chinese medicine where it is used as a bath or a massage oil to help deal with muscle pain or intestinal ailments such as dysentery and worms! A lot of perfumes use carrot seed oil for its woody scent which is characterized as ‘oriental’ or ‘aldehydic.’ Many moisturizes and body lotions also make use of carrot seed oil!

Some of the benefits that carrot seed oil offers which will leave you desiring it more than ever, are:

1- It is antifungal in nature- If you want help in removing fungus, carrot seed oil is there! It can prevent fungus from growing on plants and even on skin.

2- It is antibacterial – This oil can help you in fending bacteria off. It is the most effective with bacteria strains like staphylococcus aureus (skin bacteri) and listeria monocytogenes (responsible for food poisoning).

3– Contains antioxidants – These antioxidants help your skin shine and glow. It also prevents the signs of ageing from revealing itself.

4- Helps in alleviating your mood – Many people use carrot seed oil in aromatherapy due to its proven impact on mood enhancement. It reduces stress levels, anxiety and make you feel refreshed and calm!

5– Medical purpose – Carrot seed essential oil serves various medicinal purposes as well. It helps in lowering down your blood pressure levels, heals the wounds and scars, and its inhalation can help you feel better from a cold or sore throat. Carrot seed oil is commonly used by those who have viral infections as this oil really helps in boosting the body systems. It stimulates your appetite as well and works well in treating digestive problems.

6- Best for hair care – Unexpectedly, carrot seed oil is really REALLY good for hair. If you want silky smooth hair with no split ends, no dandruff and a nourished scalp, this essential oil is your best bet in achieving it. The same way it nourishes your skin and moisturizes it, it does the very same with your scalp!

Now that you know some of the unexpected results that using carrot seed essential oil can offer, you must be wondering where exactly can you purchase this miraculous oil from? The internet has more than abundant choices available but everyone seems to be in a rat race to outsell one another.

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