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Top 5 Essential Oil and Career oils Benefits That You Need To Know Now

You think you know all there is to know about these natural miraculous oils? The answer is a pretty obvious no! No matter how well you have studied the benefits of a few essential oil and carrier oils, it is never enough to familiarize you with all the other varieties of them. Derived from plants, their seeds and kernels, these natural oils contain all the richness and goodness of the plant they are extracted from. And as we all know it, all plants are beneficial for different things altogether. You can club certain plants under one benefit category but not all of them can be clubbed together. The same can be said for the oils extracted from these plants.

So let’s have a look at some of the never heard before (or maybe you might have) benefits of essential oils first before we proceed to carrier oils.

1- It is really good for improving your sleep hygiene. If you are a facing difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep, this oil can be incredibly good for you. Just apply a little bit of it around your pillow and lets its gentle fragrance take you off into a calm sleepy wonderland. Or – you can try aromatherapy or direct inhalation to arrive at the same results.

2- Essential oil is excellent in stimulating hair growth. The reason why I say stimulating hair growth, is because rather than just helping you in preventing hair fall, these oils are very popular for causing hair to grow even in conditions of alopecia. The secret behind this is the antibacterial and antifungal property that most of these oils have. Due to this property of essential oils, the scalp health improves significantly due to regular application.

3- These oils are really good for boosting up the energy and concentration levels. This they achieve by decreasing your fatigue and stress levels. When you feel less stressed and less anxious, your energy levels are bound to go up and you are expected to perform more efficiently.

Moving on to certain benefits of carrier oils that make them so popular:

1- Carrier oils are affordable to use. Yes, this is a benefit as typically purchasing an essential oil can be heavy on the wallet (when compared with carrier oils). As they are relatively cheaper and you can get more quantity of pure carrier oil at lesser price, which means you can also use them more wholly without having to worry about running out. This is why most people choose carrier oils for a full body massage.

2- They are the best for your hair health. In fact, carrier oils and hair care have an intense history. In every Indian household, since centuries mothers and grandmothers have giving hair massage during carrier oils. They help in nourishing the scalp, getting rid of dandruff and helping your hair gain its shine.

3 Carrier oil can be derived from seeds, kernels and basically a lot of other parts of a plant. They are less active in nature than essential oil which means that you don’t have to worry about dilution when using carrier oils. Go ahead and lather your body with carrier oils without any worry of a side effect! On a side note, these oils are also not rich in fragrance which means that you don’t have to worry about aromas you don’t like.

With all these benefits listed down, and more that haven’t been mentioned in this article, I am sure it gives you an idea of why these natural oils are called miracle oils. At Elite Biotech, your #1 trusted supplier of pure essential oils and carrier oils in India, you can find all information about the various varieties of these oils and by using our website, you can even place an order online for them. We deliver in every part of the globe. You heard it! Elite Biotech has a global presence.

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