Sunflower And Rose Oils

Make Your Days More Auspicious With Sunflower And Rose Oils Now!

If you’re reading this blog then I expect you are proceeding with sufficient knowledge about what essential and carrier oils are and are somewhat familiar with the purpose these oils serve. Today’s topic of discussion is going to be surrounded with the merits and usage of sunflower and rose oil! These oils have been the topic of hot debate for quite a long while and it’s about time that the world recognizes all that these oils have to give.

Sunflower oil is extracted from the seed of the sunflower plant and is an amazing natural ingredient that is rich in palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid and stearic acid. An incredibly rich source of Vitamin E, sunflower oil contains the most Vitamin E composition than any other vegetable oil till date. This golden colored, light and healthy essential oil is cholesterol-free and low in saturated fats, offering so many health benefits that make it a suitable choice for your every meal prep.

Some of the benefits of sunflower oil that make it so incredibly sought after are:
1- Sunflower oil is a rich source of Vitamin A along with Vitamin E. It acts like an antioxidant, working day and night in regenerating the damaged skin cells and helping your skin glow and nourish. Because the oil in itself is very light and non-greasy, it can be directly applied to the skin and is easily absorbed by the skin as well, acting like a natural moisturizer that works like a charm in treating dry and sensitive skin.

2- As sunflower oil is made of unsaturated fats and helps in discharging the glycogen into the bloodstream from the liver, it keeps your energy levels activate and doesn’t let your feel lethargic easily.

3- Sunflower oil usage also helps you attain a healthy immune system. It strengthens the cell membrane barrier to such an extent that the bacteria is unable to enter and harm the body. The Sunflower oil also enhances the ability of the body to defend itself against infections. It is a rich source of proteins that help in building and repairing tissues and large amounts of enzymes that are required for healthy functioning.

Rose essential oil on the other hand offers a fragrance like never before with brilliant psychological and physiological benefits to its name. There are various ways in which this oil can be used and its amazing scent is just one of its many reasons for popularity!

Notable merits of using rose oil are:
1- It is reported that the scent of rose oil can help in reducing pain level. This happens because the scent of rose oil causes the brain to release chemicals called “endorphins” – the feel good hormone of the body. They are also recommended for helping ease the menstrual discomfort when used for abdominal massages.

2- The oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties and apart from that, it also works as a tissue regenerator which has various therapeutic benefits in itself for the skin. Not only does rose oil helps in moisturizing the skin but it also deeply nourishes the skin.

3- You can incorporate rose oil in your everyday life and routine by infusing it in the bathing soap, shampoo, shower gel, moisturizer that you use. You can even apply rose oil to your healing scars to help aid the healing process. You can use it for massages and in aromatherapy its scent can be used to make use of its emotional benefits.

4- Various research has indicated the merit of rose oil for improving sex drive among its users. Mostly among the male participants, it was seen to have a significant impact in increasing the sexual satisfaction felt.
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