Amla Dry Extract

What Is Amla Dry Extract (Phyllanthus Officinale) How To Get Rid Of Split Ends

Dry Amla offers benefits like no other. It is a highly recommended as an organic and natural solution to various problems. Some of the benefits of dry amla are that it keeps your immune system strong, thus, preventing you from falling into the clutches of various diseases. It is also exceptionally good for hair and scalp. It prevents the premature greying, dandruff, nourishes the hair and also the qualities of amla make it a natural hair conditioner. It acts as a panacea for multiple diseases such as acidity, constipation, indigestion etc.

Today we are going to focus on how Amla Dry Extract can help us in improving our hair and getting rid of problems like split ends.

In India and other parts of the world, amla has been used as a part of hair care rituals for decades. This elixir of hair is packed with Vitamin C and tannins. Amla acts like a natural conditioner for hair, its nourishing properties make your hair look alive and smooth. The dry extract of amla can be mixed with any of your hair care product, whether it is your favorite shampoo or if you want to make a hair pack.

 It can be applied to the hair where the rich vitamins and antioxidants of amla work in treating hair problems like split ends, hair fall and dandruff. Even if you are suffering from an itchy scalp or dry scalp, amla has got you covered. You can literally see the change taking place in your hair after only ONE application of amla. In fact, even if you just make amla a part of your daily diet, it will help your hair improve and also enhance your overall immune system functioning.

A lot of people even mix henna and amla together for hair application. It is said that the combination of the two can really help your hair become stronger and silkier.

With a product that offers so many benefits, it is advised to the find only the best amla manufacturers in India to supply the product to you. What ensures the goodness of any herbal product is the process of its acquisition and creation.

At Elite Biotech, we believe in retaining the natural in the natural. We ensure that all our products are completely devoid of chemicals, thus bringing to you only 100% pure organic products. Started in 2012, Elite Biotech aims to offer premium quality products to all our customers. We aim to revolutionize the herbal raw industry through our hard work, continuous vigor in research and development of more suitable herbal products for one and for all. The nature has a lot to offer and we are here to help you make the most of it.

Your resolve to buy amla dry extract must have strengthened by now. When purchasing any product, it is important that we look at the buyer and the genuineness of the products and services being offered.

We at Elite Biotech pride ourselves in offering 100% authentic products that are free from any chemical interference. With more than 750 satisfied clients, we have a reputed name for ourselves in the industry. Our products are offered at wholesale priced and they are all organically processed.

As one of the most sought after dry amla suppliers in India, we believe that transparency and quality products are the minimum prerequisite to a herbal experience.

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