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Essential Oils And All You Need To Know About Them Before Your Big Purchase!

The cosmetic and skin care industry has relatively recently borne witness to the miracles of essential oils. These oils have reported unprecedented growth in India and worldwide. As buyers, it is important that we realize what essential oils truly are and why is their demand rightly rising globally.

Essential oils are typically the liquid extracts derived from plants. The plants they are derived from are those that have various beneficial properties. These essential oil actively capture the essence of the plant and in the manufacturing process only the useful compounds of the plants are kept for optimal usage. These useful compounds are referred to as active ingredients. Due to the oil containing more active ingredients than the plant, the fragrance of the oils is much stronger than that of the plant from which they are extracted.

The extraction process typically makes use of two methods. The first one being steam or water distillation method in which extremely hot water or steam is passed through the plants. In this process, the essential compounds are technically being pulled away from the plant matter. The second method is one of cold pressing. By the term itself, it appears to be a method completely opposite of steam distillation. In the process of cold pressing, the plant matter are squeezed till the point where they release the essential oil.

Once created, essential oils manufacturer can be used for a variety of purposes. It is their versatility in usage that makes them one of the most in-demand product in the cosmetic/skin-care industry these days.

Apart from being used for skincare, hair-care and as aromatic perfumes, these oils are very popular for aromatherapy. For those suffering from problems such as anxiety, sleep concerns, stress – aromatherapy is the perfect choice available. All you have to do is inhale the essential oil fragrance. Shocked? Inhalation of the aromas from essential oils actually helps stimulate various areas of your brain including the limbic system which plays a key role in emotional regulation. By using essential oils in the right away, you can knock that stress right out of your system for a relaxing evening.

As noted above, essential oils are also used in perfumes. It’s not only limited to that but even shampoos, bathing soaps can have essential oils in them. This is because certain essential oils have really valuable healing properties for the skin, at times even for specific kinds of skin infections and their fragrance is of course one of a kind.

Essential oils come in various different fragrances. It all depends on which plant they are extracted from. The most popular ones are lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, tea tree to name a few.

What must be noted about using essential oils is that they are never used alone. Direct application of essential oil to the skin is strongly not allowed. Buyers are always recommended to mix them well with carrier oils of their choice, before application. Dilution of essential oils is necessary otherwise it might lead to various problems.

This is all the information you need to know before getting started with your multi-purpose, super versatile bottle of essential oil!

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