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7 Unique Essential Oils And Their Demand In Market

There are more than 90 different types of essential oils being used around the globe. You might have heard about the benefits of some while being completely unaware about the existence of another. With such a large variety, it’s quite a difficult task for a consumer to have used all 90+ essential oil fragrances. These wondrous oils offer so many benefits that makes them incredibly advantageous for the users.

Essential oil is a natural oil extracted from different parts of a plant. It might be extracted from the flowers, the stem, or even the leaves. The process involved in its extraction is either steam distillation or cold pressing. These oils are popular due to its organic active ingredients that make them fit for skin care, hair care and aromatherapy. These oils can be used in a wide range of ways. You can add them to the vegetable oils, creams or bathing gels depending on your requirement and instructions mentioned behind the oil bottle/pack. Even using these wondrous oils in massages, baths, or rubbing them on your skin (after dilution) has significant positive effect.

Finding a reliable and trustworthy essential oil brand should be your top most priority. What makes a brand suitable is of course the quality of the essential oil they offer. It should be 100% pure essential oil with absolutely no chemical interference and additives added to it. If you’re on a budget, then it’s important that the brand you seek abides by the budget constraints. Essential oils on wholesale prices are cost-effective. Finally, find a brand that is transparent in its proceedings and is there with you throughout your herbal journey in solving all your queries and customizing products as per your need.

Elite Biotech is an herbal brand based in New Delhi, India, that offers you exactly all this! We take care of your every need along the way while offering you the best of herbal products at wholesale prices. In fact, we even supply essential oils that you are unique in their nature – a bit different from the common fragrances you find easily in the market. Some of these unique fragrances we offers are:

1- Cypress essential oil – The perfect fit for scenting natural deodorants. Cypress essential oil is a must-have with its woodsy fragrance that brings about a sense of calmness for those suffering from anxiety and stress. Cypress essential oil is absolutely safe for use by children and its inhalation helps in alleviating congestion.

2- Marjoram essential oil – With a fragrance similar to that of lavender, sweet marjoram essential oil offers benefits that lead to a positive impact on the nervous system. Sweet marjoram essential oil is renowned for its calming properties. It can be taken internally or applied on the skin or even used in aromatherapy. Its fragrance helps you de-stress.

3- Mandarin essential oil – Among citrus scent based essential oils, it is more common to hear of people using sweet orange oil rather than mandarin essential oil. This gentle oil is incredibly safe to use with children and its pleasant fragrance helps in bringing about a sense of calmness. It is non-phototoxic in nature.

4- Vetiver essential oil – A newly discovered essential oil, vetiver is your sleep companion. For those who have difficulty falling asleep or maintaining their sleep, this essential oil has been used to help in balancing emotions and bringing about a sense of tranquility by warding off evil spirits and insects. The Vetiver oil is also popularly used in massages for aches and muscle pains.

5- Helichrysum essential oil – The perfect essential oil for healing and repairing the damaged skin. It restores the skin so that you don’t have to struggle through the dryness and roughness of it anymore. The fragrance of this particular oil helps with intense emotions like grief, anger and fear.

6- Ginger essential oil – In India, mixing ginger in your tea and meal prep is pretty common. However, using ginger essential oil is still remotely new. The spicy fragrance of ginger can be spotted from miles. Most commonly people use ginger essential oil to curb their digestive problem. This warm oil can be incredibly healing and beneficial when used topically.

7- Clary Sage essential oil – This essential oil combined muskiness, floral and herbaceous aroma that helps with sleep problems. In fact, its scent is so pleasant that it’s most commonly used for aromatherapy. The Clary Sage Oil is also popular in skincare and being sensitive and gentle in nature, you can use it with all skin types. For women suffering from reproductive concerns, menstrual cycle troubles or menstrual cramps and pains, clary sage essential oil helps ease it all.

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