7 Best Reason Choosing a Lavender Essential Oil

If you’re one of those people on the lookout for an oil that can help calm your body and your mind, then the classical lavender essential oil is the perfect one for you. The lavender plant in itself is extremely beneficial and not just in terms of beauty! The plant provides us with so many resources for a healthier and happier life. It works like a charm from your head to your feet, making you feel rejuvenated and alive.

Lavandula angustifolia or lavender essential oil is derived from the flower of lavender. Though native to the Mediterranean, the Arabian Peninsula and Russia, lavender is now grown globally. Like all essential oils, lavender oil is also obtained via the process of steam distillation and cold pressing. It is one of the most commonly used essential oils and also the one that is highly versatile in nature.

In this article, we will be focusing on 7 prime reasons why you should choose lavender essential oil. We’ll also delve into figuring out how to find the most suitable lavender oil supplier in India for your needs.

1- Sleep benefits – Lavender oil is the perfect choice for those who face sleep disturbances commonly. For people who struggle with problems of falling asleep or face any fluctuation in their sleep hygiene, aromatherapy via lavender oil and its rich fragrance, can help in making sleep come easily. A few whiffs of lavender essential oil can work like a charm in getting your sleep schedule right on track.

2- Anti-fungal in nature – Lavender oil is also antifungal in nature. It can help you combat variety of fungal concerns and infections. Researches have shown that the oil works by destroying the membrane of the fungal cells.

3- Hair benefits – If you’re tired of seeing your hair falling down the drain, then lavender oil is your best friend. It helps in promoting hair growth steadily within 4-5 weeks (according to a recent study). The disease called alopecia areata which causes extreme hair loss can also be effectively treated by using lavender essential oil.

4- Heals minor wounds – When lavender oil is applied topically, it helps in healing minor wounds such as cuts and bruises. In fact, it was found that lavender works much faster than various other types of solutions such as saline and iodine. It also helps in closing the already open wounds up.

5- Improves mood – The fragrance of lavender is so rich that it can help in boosting the mood. For those who constantly battle anxiety and face stressors in life every day, regular whiffs or aromatherapy via lavender essential oil can help them in uplifting their spirits and calming down the overdriven mind.

6 Skin benefit – Lavender essential oil is really excellent for skincare. Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant property makes it the most suitable fit leading to a naturally glowing skin. Adding it to your nighttime routine can really work wonders for your skin. It cleanses the pores and does away with the acne.

7- Bye-bye bug bites – If you’re planning to travel outdoors anytime soon then just add a small bottle of lavender essential oil to your backpack. Its application not only keeps the bugs away but also helps your skin relax. Any existing rashes or scars are also taken care of by the oil application.

Now the most important question arises – who should you buy your lavender essential oil from in India? There is no dearth of suppliers but to find one that caters to your every need at affordable prices and offers you the most premium quality of product can be difficult. Elite biotech ensures that you get the best of herbal raw products of all types at bulk prices in only the best possible quality without any chemicals or additives used.

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We are firm in our values and work ethics. Herbal products demand a lot of attention and care. The procedure of their formation is not an easy one. Essential oils come into existence from kilos of plants being used. The process of steam distillation and cold pressing are crucial to their existence. At Elite Biotech, our team is governed by passionate visionaries in the field of the Indian herbal industry. We UNDERSTAND your needs!

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