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The Best Carrier Oil Manufacturers For You!

When it comes to the Indian household, carrier oils are not a cosmetic product but an essential product. But these oils serve more functions than the general public realizes. In the herbal raw industry, carrier oils are the backbone driving us forth. If you want your business to prosper, your carrier oils must be able to withhold the standards.

Carrier oils are basically the base oils that can be used on their own. Unlike essential oils that have to be diluted with the aid of carrier oils before application, carrier oils can be used in their entirety for various purposes such a massage, making blends, hair care etc.

These days’ organic cold pressed oils have become all the more rage. Cold pressing is basically a technique of obtaining oils by pressing the fruit, or the seeds with modern steel press. In this process, the oil seeds are not cooked prematurely and as a result of this lack of heat, the process is called cold press. By using this method, the oil retains its natural flavor, aroma and nutritional value. It is fit for usage in cosmetics and skin care. Moreover, cold pressed oils can also deliver goodness to the skin which makes them more valuable.

At Elite Biotech, we offer organic cold pressed oils at wholesale prices. We have been reputed manufacturers of carrier oils since 2018. Apart from carrier oils, we are suppliers of various herbal raw products such as essential oils, hydrosols, herbs, extracts etc. Our growth has been due to the principles of our company. We aspire to create only the premium quality products, completely devoid of chemical interference.

We hold the reputation of being one of the top 10 carrier oils manufacturers in India with our satisfied clients including complains all over the Indian subcontinent and various famous international names. We offer organic carrier oils made out of premium extracts.

Being wholesalers in the herbal raw industry, all our products are available at wholesale prices. This makes us an affordable option for various businesses. We pride ourselves in maintaining strict quality checks on our products to ensure their safety. Since our clients often have unique demands for their products to stand apart from the rest, we offer the option of customization for all our products.

Taking into consideration the modern time e-commerce growth, you can also buy carrier oils online from us. We deliver pan-India and are also exporters of herbal products.

It is always advised to make an informed choice. As a bulk manufacturer of carrier oils for years, we understand the importance a pure carrier oil with zero chemicals holds. We know that a diluted oil with not be able to offer the same benefits as before. We at Elite Biotech pride ourselves in manufacturing only pure oils with absolutely 0% adulteration. Our team is always there to help you with any queries or concerns you might have. We believe in being transparent in all our procedures. Don’t trust us yet? Try for yourself!

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