Positivity Tips And Interesting Facts Carrier Oils

Believe it or not, carrier oils are as in-demand as essential oils are! And this isn’t simply because of their dilution benefit but because of the benefits that these oils offer. Various households in India and internationally have been using carrier oils without even being aware of their composition and even the fact that they are called “carrier oils” but just using it for years due to the amazing benefits that these oils offer.

Carrier oils are have been popularly used in massages, baths, cosmetics and medical applications since the times of ancient Greece and Rome. It was in the 1950s that Marguerite Maury discovered that these oils can be used in a combination with essential oils to gain more benefits and for direction application of essential oil to the skin.

The term “carrier oil” is commonly used to refer to its usage in aromatherapy and various cosmetic recipes such as hair and skin care. It serves as base oils that dilute the essential oil and make it applicable to the skin. Carrier oils basically help in ‘carrying’ the essential oil to the skin.

Carrier oils are also called vegetable oil despite the fact that not all of them are obtained by pressing only the seeds, nuts or kernels of the plant. Another famous name of these oils is “fixed oils” and this name is derived by their ability to remain fixed on the skin. Unlike essential oils that evaporate easily, carrier oils stay fixed on your skin for a longer duration. They help in deeply nourishing your skin and due to the lack of fragrance in most of the carrier oils, you don’t have to feel bothered about an overwhelming plant fragrance clinging to your skin for long hours. It is due to their relative lack of fragrance that these oils are perfect for diluting essential oils which are generally heavily fragrant in nature. It should be kept in mind that not all carrier oils are without any smell. There are certain carrier oils as well which come with a fragrance of their own and hence, when used in diluting essential oils, these carrier oils fragrance tends to overpower at times. Users have to be careful in choosing the combination of carrier and essential oil as per their need.

What makes carrier oils the perfect fit for massages is their non-sticky, non-greasy and long lasting nature. Without making you feel like you’re covered in oil all over, these oils can work like a charm during massages by penetrating into the skin and if mixed with essential oil, carrying it to the skin as well. As they are not as potent as essential oils, carrier oils can be directly applied without any fear of skin irritation or inflammation or burning sensation. Your massage with carrier oils can be performed without the additional stress of a side effect.

All these fascinating facts about carrier oils must have piqued your interest for sure!

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