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Organic Dried Herbs Manufacturers And Suppliers in India

Ancient medicine has remain a constant, withstanding the trials of time. All ancient medicines make usage of herbs. These herbs are basically derived from plants and serve a variety of purposes. Not only do they have medicinal properties but they are exceptionally renowned for cosmetic care as well.

In the recent times there has been a shift in the consumer demands; with more consumers wanting something organic and herbal for their skin care and beauty regimes rather than relying on chemical filled bottles.

If you are looking to bloom your business during these times, then it is essential for you to understand the value that dried herbs carry. There are variety of suppliers of dried herbs available online in India, however, it is difficult to tell the quality apart by just mere website graphics. To find a suitable natural herbs supplier is an important task. It is the quality of the herbs and herbal product that determine how well a business will do.

Dried herbs are harvested when in their natural state such as root, stem, bark, flowers, fruit or leaves, and then ground into a powdery form or cut into pieces to be used for a variety of purposes. These herbs are not consumed directly. A process called decoction occurs in which these herbs are soaked, boiled and strained. On the basis of the need of the person requiring them, this decoction can either take place individually or in a combination form.

At Elite Biotech we recognize the importance of herbs and organic products. Since 2018 we have been catering clients both pan-India and globally. Our aim is to revolutionize the nature of the herbal raw industry and for this we aim to become one of the most sought after organic raw material suppliers in India. That being said, we deal with raw herbal ingredients of various kinds such as essential oils, dry and liquid extracts, medicinal herbs, hydrosols, Ayurvedic oil, carrier oils. Some of our leading customers are Deemark healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Sami Labs, AIMIL, VAADI, Biotech, Swisskem healthcare, to name a few.

In the face of competition, what has kept us apart from the rest is the premium quality products we offer. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who display true passion for the herbal raw ingredients. As a result of this, our R&D department is always on the move, looking for new developments. Being wholesalers in the herbal raw industry, all our products are available at wallet friendly prices. So you can grow your business without having to fret about the financial concerns.

All our procedures are completely transparent in nature. We are ready to answer all your queries and concerns at any moment in time. We understand the anxiety one experiences towards their suppliers.

At Elite Biotech we guarantee to deliver nothing but the best. You can end your search for organic herbs online in India or globally, as we deliver wherever you are. Don’t believe us yet? Try our products now!

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