How To Combine Carrier Oil With Essential Oils?

Before we get into the technicality and ways in which carrier oils can be combined with essential oils, let’s take a look first at what these two oils actually are. Especially if you’re new to the blogs or new to the herbal industry, it’s very important that you familiarize yourself with these oils and what they entail.

Essential oils are compounds that are extracted from plants. They are procured via the process of distillation or through methods such as cold pressing. These oils contain active ingredients making them very potent in terms of use. As a result of this, dilution of essential oils is always recommended. These oils are miraculous in nature. They can be used for improving skin health, for hair care and even in treating various infections. Essential oils are so versatile in nature that their use in aromatherapy is also beneficial for those who suffer from problems related to stress and anxiety. 

Carrier oils are also derived from plants the way essential oils are. The main purpose they serve in their equation with essential oils is that they help in carrying the essential oil to the skin. However, there are certain standards that must be followed when choosing a carrier oil as well. It is important to buy a carrier oil is that cold pressed and free from any additives. Finding a trusted carrier oil manufacturer is a must.

Essential oils have become quite famous in the recent years. It should be noted that these oils are very potent and rich in active ingredients. Their effect is powerful in nature and when being applied topically, it is very important to dilute them first! The dilution should be done in proper proportion so as not to cause any skin irritation or inflammation. Carrier oils are the perfect fit for diluting essential oils!

The most commonly recommended carrier oils for dilution purposes are the odorless ones such as coconut, almond oil among others.

The most common ration followed for dilution is 6 drops of essential oil in 1 ounce of odorless carrier oil. You can also mix the same quantity of essential oil in a lotion of your choice as well, provided it is unscented.

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