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You might have heard of carrier oils as being indispensable for safe essential oil use. But that is not all that carrier oils are known for. Though they do serve the purpose of diluting essential oils and carrying them to the skin, they offer a lot more benefits than that.
Let’s begin from the start.

What exactly are carrier oils?
They are derived from plants, much the same way that essential oils are. They are extracted through the process of cold pressing. In this process, the plant is crushed without being subjected to heat. This process helps in preserving the bioactive substances in the oil.
Carrier oils are basically the base oils that can be used on their own. Unlike essential oils that have to be diluted with the aid of carrier oils before application, natural essential oil manufacturers can be used in their entirety for various purposes such a massage, making blends, hair care etc.

These oils come in wide varieties and are popularly used worldwide as well. Some popular carrier oils are:
1- Almond oil – The almond carrier oil has two variants – sweet almond oil and bitter almond oil. It is the sweet almond oil that is commonly used as its better suited to the skin. However, both the variants share certain common nutrients. Almond oil is a rich source of Vitamin A and E. Almond oil helps in reducing the UV damage caused to the skin by the sun. It also helps in preventing premature ageing. This is done via the omega-3 fatty acids of which almond oil is rich in. The component of zinc in this oil is essential for healing acne and other facial scars.

2- Avocado oil – The content that avocado oil is rich in is oleic acid. This monounsaturated fatty acid helps in repairing dry and damaged skin. Avocado oil is mostly the go-to oil for people who are dealing with skin conditions like acne. Unlike other carrier oils. Avocado oil is aromatic in nature.

3- Black seed oil – It is extracted from the Nigella sativa plant. Despite its lack of popularity, black seed oil actually comes packed with various merits. It is a rich source of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties for which it is commonly used. Black seed oil is recommended for helping with skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis.

4- Coconut oil – One of the most commonly found oils in the Indian subcontinent – the coconut oil is grandma’s favorite! The unrefined coconut oil is derived from the fresh coconut meat while the refined coconut oil is obtained from dried coconut meat. For carrier oil, the unrefined coconut oil is recommended. If you’re from India, you must already be aware of the benefits of coconut oil. It’s the perfect oil for massage, hair care and skin nourishment.

Now the question you must be wanting an answer to is ‘what makes Elite Biotech a suitable carrier oil supplier and manufacturer company in India for your business?’ There are abundant of brands to choose from when it comes to herbal products, but there are reasons that set us apart from the rest. The first and foremost is that we are a brand that you can trust and rely upon.

Our company specializes in bulk manufacturing of 100% pure carrier oils of the highest quality at affordable prices. As a bulk manufacturer of carrier oils for years, we understand the importance a pure carrier oil with zero chemicals holds. We know that a diluted oil with not be able to offer the same benefits as before. We at Elite Biotech pride ourselves in manufacturing only pure oils with absolutely 0% adulteration.
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