Best Dry Herbal Extracts Suppliers for Natural Skin

There are approximately 350,000 identified plants out of which only a select few have been studied scientifically. The medicinal properties of the select few plants that have been studied are renowned. Since years various plants have been used for treating wounds, cuts, for pain-relief and other purposes. Various Organic Essential Oil Brands and extracts have been derived from plants for a wide variety of healing purposes.

Herbal extracts are basically substances that are extracted from the plants by using a wide variety of solvents i.e. a combination of water, alcohol, chemicals or any other liquid that utilizes the beneficial plant components. These extracts can also contain the entirety of the plants chemicals.

The ancient process of effleurage is used in gaining botanical extracts. In this slow and delicate process, the most fragrant of flowers are chosen and laid on a thin layer of fat. Later, this fat and the “pommade” are continuously washed in alcohol to capture their scent. Lastly, the compound is chilled and filtered to give us the extract. The process is quite labor and time intensive. However, this technique really captures the natural fragrance of a flower much more than any other chemical laid method. Due to the intensiveness of the procedure, it is advised that you should find the best quality herbal manufacturer for quality assurance. Some of the most effective dry herbal extracts are:

Aloe Vera extract – Famous for its healing abilities. Aloe Vera is the one stop solution to all skin problems. It is also utilized for its ability to heal wounds and nourish the scalp. Ashoka dry extrats The leaves of the ashoka tree are particularly renowned for helping in removing worms from the stomach. They also aid in pain relief and swelling. You must have popularly witnessed babool being used for cleaning the teeth. It helps in strengthening teeth and preventing the spread of plague.

Liquid herbal extracts are also called tinctures, in order to make these the process involved a mixture of alcohol and water. Elite Biotech begin buy grinding the natural essential oil products and letting it soak for a long span of time in ethanol, giving regular warmth and agitation at due intervals. This method is less powerful in preserving the natural fragrance.

Some of the most effect liquid extracts are:

Amla liquid extract – A rich source of Vitamin C and a highly recommended for increasing immune system functioning. Arjuna liquid extract – Highly recommended for increasing the strength of the heart muscles. It overall improves the heart functioning. Arjuna also helps in regulating the bad cholesterol. Bhringraj liquid extract –This herb is most commonly found in hair care products. Bhringraj is said to make the hair silky and smooth.

Dried powdered extracts on the other hand, are made by soaking the herb in question in a solvent. The solvent is then evaporated. The residue is a concentrated powder made of plant chemicals that is mixed with herbal powders to add more consistency to the mixture. The dried powdered extracts are considered to be the most potent preparation. They are stronger than the liquid extracts. Moreover, making the dry extracts is relatively easier and they are portable in nature, making them a suitable alternative for everyone.

Elite Biotech is your one stop supplier for all. We are already reputed as being one of the best essential oil supplier due to our commitment to quality and sincere work ethics. We carry the same onto our herbal extracts. All our herbal extracts – liquid or dry – undergo intense quality testing. When it comes to herbal products it is important that they must retain their natural fragrance and other qualities.

Till date we at Elite Biotech have served 750+ clients globally and the number continues to rise. Our services are transparent in nature. Our products are offered at wholesale priced and they are all organically processed.

We offer guidance and support to all our customers as they venture on their innovative projects. Since the option of customization is available at Elite Biotech, we make sure to cater to our clients’ needs to the best of our ability. In all of our herbal products, we ensure that only the most active and pure ingredients are used. Chemical and additive interference is strictly avoided. Our team comprises of people who are experts in their filed. Every product we create passes through various quality and safety checks before it is made available to you. We ensure the purity of all our products. In terms of business, we ensure confidentiality and guarantee transparency in our functioning.

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