Anti-Viral Carrier Oils Help In Eliminating Deadly Viruses

Carrier oils are a part of every household. Without knowing of their whole merits, every single Indian household makes use of at least ONE carrier oil. Be it almond oil, coconut oil or sunflower oil, we have been dependent on carrier oils for their meritorious properties since a long time.

Did you know that not only are carrier oils absolutely excellent in skin care and hair care, but they are also antiviral in nature? YES! You read that right! These oils are perfect for treating that stubborn cough-cold that refuses to leave. Their anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties also make it the right choice for treating variety of infections and small wounds. If you want a quick patch-me-up, then organic carrier oil supplier are it for you. Of course proper medical treatment is recommended but in instances of emergency, these can do the trick for smaller concerns while you seek proper medical care.

Some of the popular carrier oils that you can use for the antiviral property are:

  1. Apricot Kernel oil
  2. Jojoba oil
  3. Olive oil
  4. Sweet almond oil
  5. Coconut oil
  6. Black seed oil
  7. Grape seed oil
  8. Avocado oil
  9. Sunflower oil
  10. Argan oil

The most tempting way to use carrier oils is by massaging them onto your skin. In fact, various specialists even state that carrier oil is the most suitable for body massages. This is due to the fact that these oils don’t have to be diluted before tropical application. They can be easily absorbed by the skin without any dilution required. This makes them easier to use for purposes like massage. Furthermore, their relatively fragrance-free nature prevents you from feeling overwhelmed with a lingering smell after a nice and relaxing body massage. By being massaged deeply from carrier oils, you can get rid of joint pain, muscle pain and de-stress. It brings back the rejuvenating quality of your body.

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