India’s Top Herbal Extracts Suppliers

Started with a vision to transform the herbal raw industry, Elite Biotech is a pioneer in the active ingredients market since 2018. We are reputed bulk manufacturers of extracts, herbs, essential oils, carrier oils and Ayurvedic oils. All our products include only premium ingredients with no chemicals. 

We are trusted suppliers of only the highest quality of herbal raw products. The values of our company ensure that all our products are completely natural and that we are transparent in our manufacturing and production. Innovation is at the core of Elite Biotech. We are constantly trying to better ourselves by gaining more knowledge and creating more fragrances, bringing more enticing herbal products into the market and by reaching out to our customers in their times of need. We understand that your mind may be riddled with queries, and our team is here to answer it all! Highest quality of customer service sets us apart from the rest. We are one of the rapidly emerging companies with our strong clientele. We are top suppliers of herbal raw ingredients including extracts, oils, hydrosols to more than 10 cosmetic and nutraceuticals manufacturers. 

What are herbal extracts?

They are basically substances that are extracted from the plants by using a wide variety of solvents i.e. a combination of water, alcohol, chemicals or any other liquid that utilizes the beneficial plant components. These extracts can also contain the entirety of the plant’s chemicals. 

How are extracts obtained?

The ancient process of enfleurage is used in gaining botanical extracts. In this slow and delicate process, the most fragrant of flowers are chosen and laid on a thin layer of fat. Later, this fat and the “pommade” are continuously washed in alcohol to capture their scent. Lastly, the compound is chilled and filtered to give us the extract. The process is quite labor and time intensive. However, this technique really captures the natural fragrance of a flower much more than any other chemical laid method. 

Liquid extracts are also called tinctures, in order to make these the process involve a mixture of alcohol and water. We begin by grinding the natural material and letting it soak for a long span of time in ethanol, giving regular warmth and agitation at due intervals. This method is less powerful in preserving the natural fragrance. 

Dried powdered extracts on the other hand, are made by soaking the herb in question in a solvent. The solvent is then evaporated. The residue is a concentrated powder made of plant chemicals that is mixed with herbal powders to add more consistency to the mixture. The dried powdered extracts are considered to be the most potent preparation. They are stronger than the liquid extracts. Moreover, making the dry extracts is relatively easier and they are portable in nature, making them a suitable alternative for everyone. 

Why should you buy from Elite Biotech?

  • We offer our products at wholesale prices – You can gain the benefit of 100% pure carrier oils at extremely wallet friendly prices 
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  • We offer more than a countable number of fragrances and plant extracts than you can imagine. Our research and development team works day and night to find the rarest products, we work to bring the exotic plants to life, to reap benefits that nature is willing to offer us. 
  • Our reputation precedes us not just in terms of being one of the most preferred bulk manufacturers but because we also offer solutions to our customers in helping them develop customized formulations from a wide range of our products. This is one of the reasons why we are often chosen by various companies; we have the technology that it takes and the manpower it requires to customize the products. We offer competitive prices and our services are of premium quality. 

Elite Biotech specializes in bulk manufacturing of 100% pure herbal raw ingredients of the highest quality at affordable prices. As a bulk manufacturer of these herbal products for years, we ensure nothing but purity! We at Elite Biotech pride ourselves in manufacturing only organic herbal extracts with absolutely 0% adulteration. Don’t trust us yet? Try for yourself!