Essential Oil

 Essential oil is one of the natural products that are used by humans for a long time ago.This oil is extracted from various plants which contains a variety of essences that produces
different fragrances. Clarke (2002) defines essential oils as "the volatile product that is extracted by a physical process from single natrual plant species and that has an oders and the composition characteristic of an essential oil from that species".

Essential oil is extracted by the dry distillation process or wet distillation process.Now a days essential oil is commercialised for multiple purposes. The four major uses of                essential oil are cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and aromatheraphy.

The first uses of essential oil are in the cosmetics. The gudie book for export to Japan says that cosmeetics are definately articles with mild effect and action on human body through rubbing, sprinklling or other methods,aiming at cleaning beautifying and increasing the attractivness.

Essential oils are traditionally good at penetration into skin which enhances their efficacy.According to Clarke, there are a variety of materials suitable to be mixed with essential oils in producing a cosmetic product like gels,lotions, creams, soaps and shampoos that collectively refer to as cosmetics based on tolie natries.
This combination fulfils a marketing claim and generates a big business.In 1990, business Scent LTD. successfully launches the first series of trickle down product in their 'Project Eve' namely soap, shampoo, shower gel and antiperspirant.  

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